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Mooi Lace

Mooi (pronounced moy) is a unique blend of fibers that combines rayon made from bamboo fiber with the luxury of natural bison and cashmere. The rayon is dyed, while the cashmere and bison content remain natural, producing a stunning and vibrant visual effect. The fibers are blended prior to spinning. Mooi is simply a pleasure to knit and it adds rich lustrous color to any project.
This blended luxury yarn was designed by Fibre-Isle in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and was introduced under the Niji brand in March, 2008. Upon discovering that the Niji name is presently in-use by another yarn company, we elected to introduce a new name, drawing from our heritage to select Mooi, which means "pretty" in Dutch.
Lace Wt.
3.0mm to 3.5mm needles (2-4 US)
7-8 sts per inch
3150 yds/lb
70% Rayon from Bamboo / 15% Bison / 15% Cashmere