About Us

May we introduce you to the people and shop dogs who will serve you on your next visit to Serendipity Yarn & Gifts:

Sheryl and Frank Campbell

Sheryl and Frank Campbell are the owners of Serendipity Yarn and Gifts.  We have worked in retail for over 20 years. This is our second small business having owned and operated Thistle & Shamrock in Denver since 1993.  


Hank (aka the Tank) is a 10 yr old male Basset Hound, mostly black and white.  He loves to hang out on the stairs and watch customers and his cookie jar.   


Rocky is new to our family.  He is an 15 mo old Lab mix.  He loves people, dogs, treats and play (not necessarily in that order).  He is all puppy!  He is in obedience school but he will need some time to get used to behaving.  


Sue Lathrop
Staff and Instructor

Sue is responsible for many of the display garments as well as hand knitted sale products.  She is a walking encyclopedia of fiber knowledge and can fix anything!   

Laura Deer

Wow is the best way to describe Laura's lace designs.  Her patterns are always in demand and she challenges us all to knit beautiful garments. 

Janet Yinger

Janet teaches our beginning Spinning Classes.  She owns multiple spinning wheels and drop spindles and is well versed in all of them. She regularly attends our Monday Spinning group offering assistance as needed.